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You can have the brightest bike lights in town, but if a car driver decides to run an intersection, he’s not going to see you from side-on. If you have a city or touring bike, you can buy tires with reflective strips. If you have a more minimal ride, or a bike with skinny little tires, you could check out Fiks[...]



Urban Velo

According to Nick: Fiks:Reflective Rim Stripes are a simple, economical, and elegant solution to dramatically increase night visibility for bicycles. Designed for modern double-walled rims, these reflective rim stripes apply in six sections for easy applications. They are precisely[...]


Asahi Shimbun

We aren't really sure what this says because it's in Japanese, but hopefully it's positive! [...]



The Awesomer
While we still prefer this LED-equipped safety system, the Fiks reflective rim stripes are a great and cheap option. The stripes reflect light back to the light source to ensure visibility[...]


Trend Hunter
A new company out in Pittsburgh called Fiks: Reflective Clothing has been working on a line of apparel that reflects light and helps bikers and runners become visible while out at night.  Based on the idea that most reflective clothing companies do not provide clothing that is stylish, Fik: Reflective Clothing is designed to be fashionable[...]


Bike Hacks features Fiks Reflective rim stripesBike Hacks
I have always thought that reflective striping on tires should be standard issue, but I had never thought about reflective rims.  Nick is seeking to provide more side visibility with what he is calling FIKS Reflective Rim Stripes.  Here is a brief synopsis from the Kickstarter page[...]


Boring Pittsburgh
We like stuff that’s Made in Pittsburgh. We like Fiks:Reflective (you’ve seen it advertised as the Featured Pittsburgh Kickstarter Project this month). We also like Nick Drombosky. He’s the kick-ass Pittsburgher behind Fiks:Reflective. Pitt graduate dropout, blogger, start-up founder, biker (pedals and motors), inventor, non-profit organizer… and now he’s a fashion designer. Nick’s current project: clothing for the night[...]

The Gear Caster
Bike commuting in low light situations can be dangerous due to poor side visibility. New company Fiks has come up with some Reflective Rim Stripes that will increase your visibility to cars from the side, providing an extra safety margin and adding a little personality to your bike[...]

Pop City
East-Ender Nick Drombosky wanted a simple solution to keep bicyclists safe at night. Something aesthetically stylish. No zip-ties, batteries or bulky electronics.  A successful Kickstarter campaign later (he hit $1000 within 30 hours and ended last December with $8,000 and 281 backers), Drombosky opened his home business, Fiks: Reflective Rim Stripes, retroflective adhesives for bike wheel rims[...]

Gear Hunger
The Fiks:Reflective stripes may not be as flashy or cool as the Revolights but they can still protect you in the dark all the same, at a lower cost. They're reflective adhesive stripes available in 6 colours and that stick on to wheel rims. Hell, they're barely even visible in daylight when applied as in the image above. However, at night you're sure to not be missed (or rather, the opposite)[...]
Red Ferret
For many of us, getting around is a bit of a chore. Although we love riding our bikes, it can be a bit scary if you must be out at night. Most bicycles have a reflective attachment in the back, and a light in the front, but if you’re going through an intersection at night, someone can smack into the side of you[...]